The demographics of America are changing.

The Census Bureau predicts that people of color will comprise the majority of the American populace within the next few decades. We are also facing unprecedented and growing income inequality, an ever-widening gap between the haves and the have-nots. Marriage rates are declining as well, meaning more women remain single.

These growing groups, along with other historically marginalized members of our society (youth, LGBTQ+, individuals with disabilities, etc.), are not proportionally represented in the electorate or in government. This makes it dramatically more likely that the interests of these groups will go unrepresented in civic debate, potentially contributing to a cycle of further disengagement. Furthermore, these groups are often the most likely to suffer from inequities in our society. This is no coincidence; in a democracy, voices that are not heard have no power. As the demographics of America continue to shift, these inequities will only worsen as they affect greater percentages of the population, concentrating power and privilege in the hands of an ever-smaller few.

This is why, at State Voices, we are committed to promoting equity, particularly racial equity. We have committed to making the fight for racial equity central in all our work—from our offices to the field, from our programs to our philosophy of change. We believe that American democracy must represent the interests of all of us. We believe there must be civic leaders of all backgrounds, from all walks of life, to truly have a political system that works for the greater good.

Most importantly, we believe that such an inclusive nation is possible, and we are actively working to build it by increasing the civic participation of all Americans.