A Message from our New Executive Director

  It’s my first week as executive director of State Voices, and the support I’ve received from colleagues in the movement and the warm welcome I’ve received from staff has been heartwarming. As you may know, this is a homecoming …

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State Voices Names New Executive Director

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Alexis Anderson-Reed as the new Executive Director of State Voices, beginning September 4. Alexis Anderson-Reed is a rising leader in the social justice movement, whose career has been dedicated to community organizing, …

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State Voices Welcomes New State Tables

In our first expansion since 2012, we have added two new state tables to the State Voices network: The Nebraska Civic Engagement Table: NCET is committed to building an electorate representative of all Nebraskans. They work to increase the civic engagement of, specifically, …

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State Voices Announces New Board Members

State Voices has recently named two state table directors to our board: Erin Dale Byrd of Blueprint NC and Tamieka Atkins of ProGeorgia. Erin Dale Byrd is the executive director of Blueprint NC. She has more than 18 years’ experience …

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State Voices Welcomes New Civic Engagement Manager

State Voices is pleased to welcome Cara Romanik as our new Civic Engagement Manager. She will support our 2018 voter registration program across multiple states. Cara got her start in civic engagement work in 2007, helping adults prepare for their …

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