State Voices

Allison Young

Digital Communications Manager

Allison Young (they/she) serves as the Digital Communications Manager at State Voices, supporting the Senior Manager of Communications in the development and implementation of State Voices’ strategic communications plan. In this role, they oversee the integration and development of new digital organizing and communications tools and strategies for the State Voices network.

As a passionate organizer and creative, Allison uses the healing powers of storytelling to support the growth of collective power and liberation dreams among communities. Before joining State Voices, Allison worked at the Center for American Progress as a Criminal Justice Reform research assistant.

Allison is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Relations and Policy with a focus on Latin American social movements. They find joy nurturing their plants, making music, and organizing alongside their comrades in their political home BYP100.

Letter from Alexis Anderson-Reed: All Black Lives Matter

The righteous rage demonstrated across the country is justified.

These uprisings are more than protest; they are a rebellion against white supremacy, racialized capitalism, a democracy that is not working, and the continued oppression, torture and murder of Black lives.

Impactful Leaders Foster Leadership in Others

At State Voices, we believe in the power of the collective and the power of transformational leadership. The best leaders are committed to amplifying more voices, supporting leadership in others, and building power with BIPOC communities.

Executive Directors of State Tables across the network exemplify these ideals. Several Executive Directors have joined State Voices over the last ten months, and they have so much to share about their collective vision for a more equitable world and a healthy democracy.

Electoral Justice and COVID-19 in Battleground States

The COVID-19 pandemic is illuminating injustices that have long existed in our society. This crisis underscores the need for a healthy democracy in which oppressed communities have a voice and get their needs met.

Learn about how a few State Tables across the country—like in Wisconsin, Nevada, Ohio, Georgia, Montana, and Louisiana—are pushing for electoral justice, mutual aid, and BIPOC political power during this time.