State Voices

Cara Romanik

Deputy Director of Civic Engagement

Cara Romanik, Deputy Director of Civic Engagement, has spent the last two years at State Voices supporting our site-based voter registration work in communities of color. In 2018, the program registered over 1.3 million voters in 8 states. In 2020, her projects will expand into four additional states with a total goal of over 2 million new or address-change registrations.

Cara co-leads the Civic Engagement team, which is responsible for hiring, training, and connecting over 45 voter registration state table staff in 11 states. In 2019, she led a process to redesign the State Voices role in supporting voter registration staff, resulting in an annual 2-day training focused on the impactful role of 29 table staff. In 2020, with an expanded team, Cara will lead the coordination of a national training program to support the ongoing and shifting field and management needs of partners and tables, so that communities can organize and build effective civic power.

Cara worked for 10 years as an adult educator and organizer. She’s a former member-leader with Resource Generation, a youth-led base building organization, where she helped found chapters in Portland and New Orleans, as well as organizing donors to move over $1.5 million to social justice organizations. She is currently a core leader of the New Orleans Re-Evaluation Co-Counseling Community, where she leads an annual fundraiser to support international community development led by and for African-heritage co-counselors.

Cara is originally from New Orleans, graduated from Wesleyan University, and after some time in Seattle, is glad to be back in her hometown.

Letter from Alexis Anderson-Reed: All Black Lives Matter

The righteous rage demonstrated across the country is justified.

These uprisings are more than protest; they are a rebellion against white supremacy, racialized capitalism, a democracy that is not working, and the continued oppression, torture and murder of Black lives.

Impactful Leaders Foster Leadership in Others

At State Voices, we believe in the power of the collective and the power of transformational leadership. The best leaders are committed to amplifying more voices, supporting leadership in others, and building power with BIPOC communities.

Executive Directors of State Tables across the network exemplify these ideals. Several Executive Directors have joined State Voices over the last ten months, and they have so much to share about their collective vision for a more equitable world and a healthy democracy.

Electoral Justice and COVID-19 in Battleground States

The COVID-19 pandemic is illuminating injustices that have long existed in our society. This crisis underscores the need for a healthy democracy in which oppressed communities have a voice and get their needs met.

Learn about how a few State Tables across the country—like in Wisconsin, Nevada, Ohio, Georgia, Montana, and Louisiana—are pushing for electoral justice, mutual aid, and BIPOC political power during this time.