State Voices

Jorge Mendoza

Civic Engagement Data Manager

Jorge (He, Him, El) joined the State Voices team as the Civic Engagement Data Manager. In this role, Jorge will be facilitating support and on-boarding for state table data staff in the Midwest, managing voter registration data systems, and taking on other projects with national data staff.

Prior to joining the national team at State Voices, Jorge was the Data and Targeting Manager at the Florida c3 Civic Engagement Table. In this role, Jorge facilitated the work of partner organizations in leveraging data and technology for increasing civic engagement in their communities and helping build their power. He also seeks to employ data analysis that amplifies programmatic work and informs data-drive strategies. Jorge was previously a Data Analyst at the Voter Participation Center and holds an M.S. in Political Science from Florida State University. Jorge enjoys traveling, exploring food, and is an avid basketball fan.

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