State Voices

Nick Marshall

Senior Voter Registration Data Manager

Nick Marshall is the Senior Voter Registration Data and Training Manager. He is responsible for coordinating the efforts of state tables to track, analyze, and perform quality control on voter registration data.

Nick began his career as an activist working as an advocate for disability rights in Connecticut. As an advocate organizer with Advocacy Unlimited, he worked with people with psychiatric disabilities, both in and outside of institutions, to become more effective advocates for themselves and the community. Since then, he’s worked as an organizer in a variety of electoral and non-electoral capacities, including at Clean Water Action, and Credo SuperPAC.

Prior to working with State Voices, Nick was the Data Director at the ProGeorgia from 2015-2019. He is a passionate believer in the power of state tables to make grassroots organizing more coordinated, data-driven, and impactful.
Nick holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Hampshire College. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Lyndie, and his two cats, Max and Furiosa.

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