State Voices

Valerie Weisler

Digital Training Manager

As State Voices’ Digital Training Manager, Valerie (she/her) oversees the training and rollout of new digital organizing tools and strategies for the State Voices network in 2020, with an emphasis on providing support to state tables and partners.

Valerie is an activist and grassroots organizer from New York who knows the power of accessible tools and support to create change firsthand. As the founder and leader of The Validation Project, Valerie has provided social change programming, career field trips, and post-secondary resources for K-12 students around the world for the past seven years. She also created the Trailblazers Program, which serves as the official college preparatory program at William Allen High School in Allentown, PA to ensure students receive sustainable support for their educational journeys.

Valerie holds a B.A in Education Advocacy and a minor in Spanish from Muhlenberg College. In her free time, she loves to play with her nephew, bake, and experiment with different art mediums.

Defund Police for Democracy

It’s Black August, a time to commit to Black lives and rebellion, to defunding police, and to investing in Black communities. As long as violent policing and prisons exist, Black people won’t be able to fully participate in democracy, making a healthy democracy impossible. 

This Black August, let’s study and renew our commitment to Black lives. Let’s support the M4BL Policy Platform to end the war on Black people. Let’s work to end the criminalization, incarceration, and killing of Black communities.

Letter from Alexis Anderson-Reed: All Black Lives Matter

The righteous rage demonstrated across the country is justified.

These uprisings are more than protest; they are a rebellion against white supremacy, racialized capitalism, a democracy that is not working, and the continued oppression, torture and murder of Black lives.

Impactful Leaders Foster Leadership in Others

At State Voices, we believe in the power of the collective and the power of transformational leadership. The best leaders are committed to amplifying more voices, supporting leadership in others, and building power with BIPOC communities.

Executive Directors of State Tables across the network exemplify these ideals. Several Executive Directors have joined State Voices over the last ten months, and they have so much to share about their collective vision for a more equitable world and a healthy democracy.